Other Services

Residential & Commercial Management

  • Arrangement of lettings.
  • Management of residential & commercial lettings.
  • Management service for management companics responsible for the running of Residential Developements, including apartments, conversion of country homes.


  • Preparation and submission of certain Planning Applications, particularly for Rural properties, Farms and Estates.
  • Assessments of labour requirements for agricultural holdings to support Planning Permit Applications for Agricultural Workers Dwelling.
  • Applications for Farm Buildings.

Valuations & Sales

  • Acquisition and disposal of land or property.
  • Valuations for purchase purposes.
  • Valuation for Insurance and Bank lending purposes.
  • Valuations for Capital Gains Tax purposes.
  • Matrimonial Valuations.
  • Valuations for Probate purposes.
  • Sales and Disposals.


  • Advice on Quarries and Mineral Rights.
  • Advice on mineral leases and valuations.

Hearings, Disputes & Arbitrations

  • Preparation for and attendance at Arbitrations, Inquiries, Tribunals, Court and other hearings, or as part of mediation proceedings.
  • Expert Witness reports.
  • Negotiating resolution of disputes in connection with the property including boundary disputes, rights of way and encroachments.

Agricultural Buildings

  • Building design, construction procurement and construction management.