Our diverse and widespread professional services in connection with Land Management include the following:

Estates, Farms and Land Management

  • Full management of estates, farms and land.
  • Farm management and consultancy.
  • Letting of farms and negotiations of farm business tenancies.
  • Letting of land under Grazing and mowing licences.
  • Advice on farm building schemes including new build and renovations.
  • Waste water management plans for pollution regulations.
  • Basic Payment Scheme [BPS] applications and advice.
  • Environmental Stewardship Schemes.
  • Consultation on land use.
  • Advice and management of grant funding.
  • Forestry schemes and advice.
  • Agricultural Appraisals for planning applications.
  • Field measurement and surveys.
  • Mapping for Land Registry and Rural Land Register purposes.
  • Arrangement of insurance and management of insurance claims.
  • Liaision with clients' Solicitors/Accountants.

Letting of Land

  • Farm Business Tenancies and Grazing Licences.
  • Preparation of the Tenancy Agreement/Grazing Licence.
  • Collection of rents and grazing licence fees.
  • Service of notices.
  • Basic Payment Scheme.
  • Other DEFRA/RPA schemes.
  • Land inspections and preparation of Records of Condition.
  • Respond to routine enquiries of the Landlord and Tenant.
  • Negotiation of Rent Reviews.
  • Negotiation of Tenancy surrenders.
  • Letting land either under Farm Business Tenancies or Grazing Licences

Landlord & Tenant Matters

  • Agricultural Tenancy matters including Rent Reviews and Serving of Notices.
  • End of Tenancy issues including Dilapidation claims and claims for Tenants' improvements and Tenant Rights.
  • Negotiation and preparation of Farm Business Tenancies.
  • Succession cases for either Landlord or Tenant under the Agricultural Holdings Acts.
  • Representing Landlords and tenants at Agricultural Land Tribunals and Agricultural Arbitrations

Land Use and Diversification

  • Advice on Planning and Planning Applications.
  • Planning and Supervision of Forestry work.
  • Negotiating terms for the grant of access rights to the property.
  • Negotiating the creation, diversion, downgrading or stopping up of access rights.

Compensation Claims

  • Negotiation of Easement payments for pipelines.
  • Compensation claims for Landlords and Tenants for crop losses, disturbance, inconvenience and extraneous costs.
  • Claims for overhead cables and wires, including wayleaves.
  • Ensuring land is satisfactorily reinstated.
  • Compensation claims for Road Transport Schemes, New Roads and other compulsory purchase schemes.
  • General advice and negotiation with operators of telecommunication masts

If we can be of any assistance with any matter relating to the ongoing management of your land or rural enterprise please contact our Land Agents, Colin Tomlinson, Mark Barrow or Katie Hunter on:

Tel: 01539 721375

Email addresses: c.tomlinson@mclhodgson.co.ukm.barrow@mclhodgson.co.ukk.hunter@mclhodgson.co.uk